The Digital Persona Protection Program (DP3) Summit brings leadership from DoD and Civilian Agencies together with industry experts to address the critical challenge of securing high-profile, and therefore high-risk, digital personas in the government. It's not just a matter of cyber security, but a matter of national security.

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Summit Goals

  • Engage security and force protection experts as well as government leadership about threats posed to military and civilian targets
  • Highlight potential impacts of loss of identity security
  • Educate high-profile, and therefore high-risk, digital personas about existing security tools and techniques
  • Increase cross-government collaboration to reach a systematic approach to combat this sustained threat to our national security

Watch the 2024 Summit Recap


    National Security & Digital Trust

    With Robert Knake, Senior Fellow for Cyber Policy at the Council on Foreign Relations

    Closing Keynote

    With Bryan Ware, Chief Development, ZeroFox

  • Customer Perspective: Impersonations Get Personal

    With Chris Reid, Senior Director, Elastic Public Sector and Brandon Strathy, ASC3ND Technologies

    The Evolution of the Digital Persona Protection Program

    With Deric Palmer, Supervisory Special Agent, Division Chief - Digital Persona Protection (DPP), U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division

    The Convergence of Cyber and Identity Security

    With Christopher B. Porter, Head of International Security Cooperation Google Cloud and Army Col. Richard Leach, Director of Defense Information Systems Agency’s J-2 Intelligence and Security Directorate

  • The Explosion of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - Impacts to External Cybersecurity

    With Mike Price, Chief Technology Officer, ZeroFox and Don V. Widener, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer, Intelligence Solutions, Intelligence & Security, BAE Systems, Inc. and Traviss Green, Senior Director of Elastic

    Demystifying the Dark Web: A Nation State Playground

    With Adam Darrah, Sr. Director of Dark Ops, ZeroFox and Sarah Marsh, Senior Public Sector Intelligence Advisor, ZeroFox

How severe is the issue? Here’s the digital persona crisis in numbers.

  • 140 K

    Average alerts per month

  • 1,400 +

    Entities drove an alert: 43% Executive/VIP, 27% Locations, 19% Other, 6% Brand, 5% Domains

  • 96 %

    Average acceptance rate of Zerofox takedown

  • 16 K

    Average takedowns requester per month for public sector organizations

  • 75 %

    Of executives have experienced credential exposure

  • 50 %

    Of CEOs have received a physical threat within the last year

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  • Tips to Avoid Scams & Keep Your Data Private
  • Social Media Security Tips from an Army Special Agent
  • DoD’s 1st Social Media Policy Addresses Impersonations
  • Military Romance Scams on the Rise

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